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Question: What do you get when you combine the self assessment, goal tracking and consultation with a wellness team?

Answer: A more vibrant and radiant life!

With Whole Being Health, you can track your progress toward radiant living with our online wellness tracking tools.  Expand your knowledge and get support through free articles and videos.  Find first-class practitioners with our community wellness directory.  Sign up for up for our health and wellness newsletter

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personal health, wellness and balanceWellness Videos and Articles

In our health and wellness resource directory, you can watch health related videos or read wellness related articles sorted by dimension of wellness.

Want to integrate some wellness now? Try watching a yoga or Qi Gong video!

Assess Yourself

If you suffer from stress or are just interested in cultivating more wellness in your life, please try the Whole Being Health Self Assessment.

Create a Wellness Plan

personal health, wellness and balanceBy combining the self assessments, goal tracking and consultation with your wellness team, you can create a wellness plan and track your progress.

Track your Goals

With the new beta version, you will be able to create goals based on your assessments and track them.

Share Your Journey

Make blog entries about your progress, read about others. You can also post any aspect of your wellness plan to your profile page. Keep friends, family and your wellness team informed about your wellness plan.

Get Support

Find practitioners, wellness centers and businesses and wellness products here at Whole Being Health.

If you share your wellness profile page, friends and family can chepersonal health & wellness supportck out

your progress and give you support!

Also, get involved with health and wellness discussion forums.

Get Involved

Visit the teambuilding programs to promote wellness in your community.

Get Rewards

Join the Whole Being Health Network and get discounts from participating health and wellness practitioners.