Dawn Kali, Internal Cleansing Coach/ Alkaline Personal Trainer

This is a free / UNVERIFIED practitioner listing.

I would like to invite you to explore a new era of living. Renew, Rebuild, Regenerate from the cellular level.

*Alkalizing 101

Learning how to incorporate more alkalinity into your life will greatly improve your health. Learn what alkalinity is all about and how to easily increase it in your daily life. Anything is better than nothing.

*Live Blood Analysis

You can use live blood analysis like you would to have a check up or to monitor an existing condition it is an In-depth look at your health from the cellular level. Comes with picture of your blood in a comprehensive report and follow up phone consult.

*Internal Cleansing Coach/ Alkaline Personal Trainer

Support and coaching during a cleanse. Recipes, shopping list, daily protocol, alkaline food charts provided, phone consults. There are different levels of cleansing, depending on your goals and your health we will work together to create a plan that works for you.

*Phone Consultations

*Alkaline Food Prep

Learn how to make great tasting, easy to make alkalizing juices, smoothies and meals.

*Alkaline Catering

Events, Parties, Retreats, Group Cleanses

*Water Ionizers and related products

*Gift Certificates

Give the Gift of Health for any and all services

I look forward to hearing from you!

~ Dawn


Dawn Kali- Microscopist

Phone - 510-823-7112

Fax - 510-527-4321