Wellness in the Workplace

As we grow healthier, so do our relationships, our careers, and our communities.

Every day we see people working 40-60 hours per week who don't  make a wellness plan for themselves. They don't have the time or energy to practice healthier living by the time they get home from work.  As an employer, you are poised to make a powerful difference in the lives of the people who dedicate their lives to you and your business.

It’s up to all of us to ensure health and wellness are accessible in local and global communities!   

Your workforce is the heart of your company, and the more you nurture its well-being, the higher the return on your investment.  Having a wellness program in your office tells your staff that you value them and their health. They will feel energized, focused and productive.  

Exceptional Return on Investment

How does a healthier workforce impact your business?  There are fewer investments that will give you a more immediate return than a healthier, happier workforce. An effective wellness program will benefit your organization both short and long term.  

Our clients experience:

  • Reduced disability / health care costs * (according to Forbes magazine)

  • Reduced employee sick time

  • Significantly higher employee retention

  • Higher employee morale

  • Higher employee productivity   

On-Site: Our Solutions, Your Benefits

We tailor our programs to meet your needs and provide the most qualified practitioners in your community.  In today's competitive employment environment, every advantage can make a difference. We do the work to make your team a success, giving you peace of mind and corporate well-being.

Some of our corporate services include:

  • Corporate Chair Massage

  • Onsite Yoga

  • Workplace Qigong

  • Communication Training

  • Employee Individual Wellness Consulting

  • Teambuilding

  • Workplace Ergonomics Review / Upgrades

  • Visiting Company Nurse

  • Corporate Wellness Fair

Some insurances even cover these programs.

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*  "And adding a company wellness program to your business can help reduce your health insurance costs – a significant financial burden to organizations of all sizes."