Chair Massage Practice and Policy

Being in the business of people touching people, Whole Being Health takes great care to ensure you and your co-workers or friends feel safe and respected by our practitioners. We also ensure that you experience a relaxing / rejuvenating service by refraining from idle chit chat or even worse, marketing you other services while receiving your sessions. We want you to be completely relaxed and comfortable receiving our service from beginning to end. Consequently, we offer our practitioners these guidelines that help them show up prepared, presentable and professional. 

As part of our quality control, we request that anyone who receives a session from our therapists take just a moment to fill out our chair massage satisfaction survey. You can let us know if the practitioner was great and you want us to keep sending them or if you had some concerns. Either way, we want to hear it from you! 

You can submit your chair massage service review here.

Chair Massage Guidelines

Before conducting any massage sessions on behalf of Whole Being Health, the massage therapist will provide proof of insurance, proof of massage training and business license for providing Massage Therapy. 

Chair Massage Therapists shall arrive no less than 10 minutes early to allow time for building access and setup.

The therapist should bring with them the following items:

  • Massage Chair (unless massage chair is already provided)
  • Face cradle covers or paper towels to be used as face cradle covers
  • disinfectant spray or gel
  • Means of providing commercial free relaxation music
  • Their own business cards to be given on request only

The Massage Therapist shall be clean and neat in appearance, wearing slacks that are black, khaki or tan. The practitioner may wear a complimentary solid colored shirt or Whole Being Health T-shirt if available. Wearing jeans, shorts or sandals to the workplace is prohibited. 

The Therapist shall not advertise any services to anyone during the sessions. The Therapist may not leave behind business cards on a table or offer them to any person. If a person requests to know more about the therapists offerings or requests to receive a business card, the business card may be given and the services may be discussed outside of the paid service time. NO other sessions should be delayed by the self marketing. 

Similarly, when music is provided, it shall be relaxing and have zero commercials. 

Informed Consent

Quite commonly, office workers require massage not only on the back, but also to open up the front of the shoulders from a forward arm position during computing. Before anterior shoulder / upper chest massage is given, Chair Massage Therapists MUST obtain informed consent. Touching the top of the chest on a woman without permission is considered sexual assault and is grounds for immediately termination of the massage session, employment termination and possibly legal action. 

Informed consent should also be sought out if it seems beneficial to massage the client around the hips or gluteal area. At no time should the client receive massage near the breasts, hips, gluteals or inner thigh without verbally expressed permission, regardless of the sex of the practitioner. 

Silence is not consent. Sometimes a person may think that they can just go ahead and if the client does not say anything then its fine. Or if they are a woman practitioner then it's fine. The fact is that if a person has their space violated, they may freeze up and not be able to speak up for their own needs. It is up to each and every practitioner to represent the utmost standard of ethics and professionalism in this regard. 


Each Massage Therapist shall also review and adhere to Ethics.

Why we don't allow our practitioners to advertise their services

Many of our practitioners are very gifted and have amazing offerings beyond chair massage. In each case, what we have been hired to perform is a specific service. In some cases, massage recipients have been made to feel uncomfortable by a practitioner offering to come to their home and provide the service. In other cases, some people have been waiting to receive their session while a practitioner explains to someone else about other services.

What is most important to us is providing the service that was requested in a way that feels safe and comfortable to everyone. We do think our practitioners are amazing and if you want to know more about the fabulous work they are doing in the world, please do ask them for a business card and connect with them further outside of the Chair Massage Session time. 

If you would like additional services at the work place, please talk directly with your Whole Being Health service coordinator or use our contact form